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Name:Aerith Gainsborough
Birthdate:Feb 7

❝Oh no! Whatever shall I do?! ...Isn't that what you want me to say?❞

❝...You don't 'know' where the Promised Land of the Ancients is.
You search and travel, until you feel it.
Like you just know... this is the Promised Land.❞

❝I'm searching for you.❞

Aerith Gainsborough, 22. Stickin' your heroes in dresses since 1997.

A little selfish, flirty, and sometimes reluctant to be just what she is: the last Cetra. Cheerful, determined, and a bit of a liar. "Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious"? Really, she's set on unraveling not only her mystery, but that of Cloud (and thus Zack), while finally enjoying the outside world, and the endless sky overhead. Always looking to the future, and seeking a bright side, even if she has to deny aspects of reality to find it. Friends, nature, yay, ShinRa, boo, etc. Image = [community profile] castletown. PSA: when I make crap icons, they will be free for the taking, and also, despite using many Crisis Core images, Aerith is 100% 22, not 17... they were just too nice to pass up! (ATM I don't have her from Crisis Core available, as I sorely need to replay it.)

Interests (8):

avalanche, cloud, definitely not hojo, flowers, not shinra, not the turks, sometimes the cetra, tifa
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